Customer Testimonial

This is just a note letting you know that Zabi responded to an issue that arose after we had our water systems serviced on 10/9/2018.. Zabi was extremely knowledgeable on our system as it is an older system. He researched what had been done during the previous servicing and had the correct replacement part that was needed to fix the issue. It was as he knew what the problem was prior to arriving.

I can not say enough about Zabi. He was excellent and I really appreciated his handling of the situation. He took time to explain the problem so I could understand what was happening.

He did a great job.


Customer Testimonial

Mermaid Water,

I want to express our satisfaction with the Kinetico Q237 water softener system Brent and his assistant installed June 27, 2013. So far it has been a great addition to the iron/acid filter system to neutralize the hardness caused by the acid filter.  Brent and his assistant were extremely professional, polite, and knowledgeable before, during, and after the installation, answering all of our questions and providing us with instructions on maintaining the salt level.

I like the fact that the Kinetico filter system does not require electricity and operates on water usage therefore we do not have to worry during a power outage which has occurred several times in the past. Since the original installation of the iron/acid filter system in 1998 Mermaid Water has a great job in the yearly servicing of the system and responded immediately to any problems we incurred.

I would recommend this filter system and Mermaid Water to any homeowner who has water problems that need to be addressed.


Albert R Ferguson

Customer Testimonial

When I was finally able to realize my dream of moving out of the city to the country (mountains), I knew I would have scary things to contend with –bears, snakes, no trash service and I was prepared for this. What I was not prepared for turned out to be the scariest thing of all – MY WATER.

I knew I had water problems because when I first looked at the house before buying it, there was a whole house filter installed and it was a very dark rust color with sediment sitting on the bottom of the filter casing and the toilet tank looked like someone had dumped a vat of blood into it and the stains – I won’t even go there. I did think when I moved in and flushed the system and installed a new filter things would be ok. NOT! No amount of flushing or filter changes were ever going to cure what ailed this water.

So I starting my journey of “getting my water fixed” and the sooner the better. Taking showers in sediment and iron wasn’t fun and my new washing machine would not let cold water into the machine because the hose was stopped up with sediment.

I shopped the internet and locally and talked to my neighbors. I had several options – the fist option was so expensive I would have to get a loan to pay for it and it required 3 tanks in my living space, the second option company could not guarantee they could take care of the problem although it was less expensive and they would install the system in my crawlspace out of my living space. Then I called Mermaid Water – my neighbor has their system and is very happy with it.

A representative came to my house on a Saturday morning, tested my water and told me they could fix it. Not only could they fix it – they could install the system in my crawlspace which consisted of 2 small tanks and a salt tank. It was a little more expensive than my second option but the advantages far outweighed the differences in price.

It has been about 3 weeks out from the installation now and I couldn’t be happier with my water. I have soft silky water and it is clear – I love it. Beyond the silky water I loved that the system does not require electricity to operate and it only regenerates according to the amount of water used. Two big features for me which means less salt and no electricity. Thanks Mermaid Water.

Would I recommend this system – absolutely.

Ms. Cutshaw
Winchester, VA

Customer Testimonial

We really enjoy the clean, great tasting water that comes right from the tap now that we have the Reverse Osmosis system in the kitchen. It consistently tastes great, no matter what the WSA is pumping to the neighborhood. The water softener/filter has eliminated the water spotting on the shower doors and we don’t need the rinse agent in the dishwasher anymore. Overall, I would say we are very please with our Kinetico system and would recommend it without reservations.

David and Stacy Wilfong
Warrenton, VA

Customer Testimonial

Thank you for great customer service. We love our water now! You have great salesman, our experience was top notch, and we highly recommend you to all our subscribers!

Leigh Doss
Warrenton, VA

Customer Testimonial

We have had the system since April of this year. We are extremely pleased with how well it treated out water. No more cloudy dishes, no more cloudy glass shower doors, and our towels are much softer. We recommend this system to anyone who is considering such a purchase.

Brian Hughes
Warrenton, VA

Customer Testimonial

We started looking for a water-softener system when our water got so hard that it was keeping our dishes from getting clean in the dishwasher and coating the heat element with a solid white film. We got the system with a pre-filter and two tanks, our dishes immediately were clean again. We use less dish soap then we did before too. The heating element is almost back to normal after adding vinegar a few times but mostly just using it. We have also noticed less dry skin and less water spots on faucets etc. The bottom line is the system works the customer service is also very good! We are happy with out system and service!

Mary Jane Driscoll
Warrenton, VA

Customer Testimonial

“My family has been very satisfied with our Kinetico water system, which has been installed in our home since November of 2004. The soft water is much better for bathing than hard water. The soft water also makes washing clothes, car, and dishes easier and we use less detergent. We particularly like the reverse osmosis water purification unit, because it makes the water taste so good. As a result, our food tastes better, and we drink lots more water. We would strongly recommend a Kintetico water system for and family interested in softer, healthier water!”

The Sneed Family
Woodbridge, VA

Customer Testimonial

“I am thankful to have a great source of healthy drinking water from my Reverse Osmosis system. I love it. The whole house water system to control hardness and low PH also gives me a sense of health as I wash or shower. There is no more staining of the sinks and toilet bowl. It has been a worthwhile investment in many ways.

Thanks Mermaid for your fine equipment and personnel.”

B. Dennis
Stafford, VA

Customer Testimonial

“I cannot say enough good things about our Kinetico water softener. We purchased our softener from a sales representative who was super to work with and very patient with us taking lots of time to explain all the features of a Kinetico softener and the benefits of having soft water. Having never had a softener in my 56 years I must admit I wasn’t an easy sell. Needless to say, the time saved in not having to clean the water spots off the countertops, sinks, shower walls and doors, cars, bathtubs, etc. has made it worth it in just the first year. I can wash my car on the hottest days (and we’ve had more than our share this year) and not to be in a panic to chamois it off before it air dried because of the water spots I would have had if I didn’t have Kinetico. I don’t have that concern anymore. Also gone are those cruddy/crusty looking showerheads that used to form after about a year of using plain un-softened tap water. Now I don’t have to remove showerheads and soak in Limeaway or any such caustic soup or replace them every year or two like I used to because they were so encrusted with deposits! I could go on and on about how Kinetico has improved our day-to-day living mainly by giving back the time we would spend in cleaning chores.

Thanks to Kinetico we have more time to enjoy our beautiful home, family and friends.”

P. Frichtl
Springfield, VA

Customer Testimonial

“I am extremely pleased with the Kinetico Mermaid Water Treatment system. The water is much softer than it was prior to installing the system. We no longer have the brown stains from the iron, which is a huge plus. I was so pleased with the system and the service your company provides that I purchased a second system for my rental property. My tenants have commented on the improvement.”

W. Tibbs Sr.
Annapolis, MD