Mermaid Water Systems review summary

5on Home Advisor,Nov 12, 2019


Great service, very knowledgeable, highly recommend

5on Home Advisor,Nov 06, 2019


Very timely, excellent service, explained everything in detail.

5on Google,Oct 30, 2019


Expertise always paves the way coupled with solid customer service and Mermaid Water Systems provides both!

5on Google,Oct 22, 2019


Brett installed our water treatment system many years ago. System works perfectly. The annual preventive maintenance has been sufficient to keep both systems working perfectly to this day! Thank you, Aaron

5on Google,Oct 11, 2019


We were referred to Mermaid Water by a neighbor and couldn't be more pleased. They replaced an old water treatment system for us, and when they came for a consult appointment, they were knowledgeable and made us feel confident that they were the right people for the job. They called 1/2 hour before arriving the day of the install, and did a beautiful, clean job installing our system. They tested the water and had us check it before they left. I'd give 6 stars if Google allowed it. Fantastic service and they did everything they had promised.

5on Google,Oct 03, 2019


This company was a pleasure to work with. The advice as to what I needed was professional, no pressure to upsell. The installation was excellent and the technicians answered all my questions. Highly recommend them

5on BirdEye,Sep 27, 2019


Brent, Mike and Zabi, along with their coworkers, are great professional staff. They made a very timely resolve to the issues I had. They listened and took care of everything that was needed. I am very pleased.

5on Google,Aug 13, 2019


For 20 years, my drinking water came direct from the aquifer in Florida. With my recent move to Virginia, I found I was now sensitive to the taste of chemicals/minerals in my drinking water. There were several visits by Mermaid to check my Kinetco water system but I still had issues until I added the Reverse Osmosis system in the kitchen. Once again, I can enjoy water direct from the tap. Mermaid's service/installation were quick and efficient. Another problem solved.

5on Home Advisor,Aug 05, 2019


Brent did an excellent job of explaining the new technology as I was in great need of replacing my old system. Everything went in in a timely manner and I have been very pleased with the results. I have been using this company for years to repair my old system and never felt pressured to replace until I was ready. Thank you Mermaid!

5on Google,Aug 02, 2019


We were long-time customers of Mermaid Water Systems before we decided to sell our house. When the time came to sell, Mermaid Water was there to help us with all of the updates we needed to accomplish with water testing, etc. They were timely, very good at communicating everything, and fair in pricing. In short, I highly recommend this company for your water needs.

5on Google,Aug 02, 2019


Great service

5on Google,Jul 28, 2019


Wonderful company... great service! Thank you!

5on Google,Jul 27, 2019


We’ve had lots of problems with our water. From e.coli to hard water and needing a new pressure tank all within 5 years. Mermaid handled all of this at an affordable cost. Just this week we need a new carbon filter and light bulb for our UV system. The bulb is somewhat difficult to change, and on top of that, we had a minor leak from around the filter housing. Not a bad leak. Probably no more than a pint of water in a days time, but still a nuisance. I called mermaid that evening, and they were out the very next day to replace my filter and bulb along with fixing the leak. Great people to deal with. I highly recommend them.